Daniela de Sousa is a visual artist and educator. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with concentration in Sculpture from ECSU and a master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Florida. Daniela’s teaching experience began when she was a teenager, teaching guitar and music appreciation. She became a certified art teacher in 2013 and dedicated a number of years working as a k-12 art teacher in the public school system and as an art instructor at a private Montessori school. Daniela currently works as an adjunct Instructor in the Sculpture Department at ECSU. She is also responsible for developing and implementing a variety of programs and projects related to Spiral Arts Studio mission, to provide arts education and studio space to a diverse demographic.  

As an artist, Daniela has works with a variety of media, but she loves clay and specializes in ceramics. In her words:

“My work leans towards the reflective and introspective. I strive to capture the complexities of the human condition and its vulnerability, the private worlds in which we can begin to rediscover a sense of dignity and reverence for life. I look for the balance between freedom and control, space and form, light and obscurity, opposed concepts that, once achieved, invigorates and dignifies

Genevieve Govoni is an artist and art educator currently living in eastern Connecticut.  Valuing the creative process as a therapeutic tool and having a sincere interest in the relationship between psychology and art,  Genevieve pursued her Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts from Manchester Community Technical College and her Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Alfred University.  She relocated to North Carolina in 2003, where she was hired for her first teaching position while continuing to explore the therapeutic value of art through volunteer work at a local women's rehab facility.  After relocating back to Connecticut, she continues her teaching career at Parish Hill Middle High School where she instructs students in a variety of 2-D and 3-D media. She maintains her passion of bringing the creative experience to life for those she works with, regardless of their age or artistic background. She has been involved with Spiral Arts Studio since it opened in 2017.